Holidays: Fun and Effective for your Marketing

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With the 4th of July tomorrow, it seems appropriate to talk about holidays and your marketing. Although, if we’re being honest, we’d rather be floating on a boat with a drink in our hand.
It shouldn’t be surprising that holidays provide unique opportunities for businesses to market themselves. If you’re not capitalizing on them, then you should definitely keep reading. And to our B2B readers that think, “…this isn’t going to apply to me,” it does. Some of it is specifically for you, because your messaging is probably boring and hasn’t been updated in the past decade.

Use Design to Create an Emotional Appeal

Emotional appeals are a great way to create a sense of customer and brand loyalty. Why not capitalize on all of the emotions and feelings people have about the holidays? Whether it’s about relaxing, grilling, boating over 4th of July weekend or cozying up with family around a fire on Christmas morning, there are significant emotions that surround a holiday.
Your agency should create holiday visuals and graphics for your website and social media that reflect these associations. Your design is a great way to build an emotional bridge between your brand, and your audience that will remember them far beyond the holiday.

Capitalize on a Unique Occasion for PR

There really isn’t ever a bad time for positive stories, especially during a pandemic. The same is true for holidays. With the media, there are great opportunities to showcase recipes or drink ideas, holiday decorating tips or travel budgeting ideas. Really, you can create a lot of angles around a holiday.
Utilizing influencers is another PR strategy that’s great around the holidays. During this time, an influencer’s followers will often look to them for advice and suggestions, whether that’s because they’re looking for places to visit, cool new products, fashion ideas or inspiration. If you work with that influencer, all those followers are seeing you!

Have Some Fun on Your Social Media

Social media is hands down the best opportunity you have to engage with your customers, whether it’s a holiday or not. Create engaging post content with images representing the holidays to encourage your followers to interact with you.
One of our favorite holiday social media campaigns was Starbucks’ 2016 campaign to design their holiday cups. Most of us don’t own Starbucks (if you do and you’re reading this, call us), but you can still have fun with hashtags (make sure they are specific), polls, quizzes, and other campaigns to get your followers engaged.


A lot of B2B companies see lulls during holiday seasons, so while you might not feel some of the above tactics are a good use of your time, never fear. You can strategize! A holiday lull is a great time to focus on how you could be better serving your customers. Use the time to work on some of the things you’ve been putting off or didn’t have time for before.
Maybe you’re not showing up in Google search results as high as you’d like, or maybe you’ve been wanting to start a blog but don’t know where to start. Maybe you’ve realized that the only way you’re going to achieve the results you’re looking for is by working with a strategic partner.
Sometimes hiring the right company can feel like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. Reach out to us. We’ll take you out for drinks. You can tell us all about what you like, what you don’t, and where you want your brand to be. As our tagline says, “It’s all about you!”

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