Why We Love Building Relationships with Clients

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So, most people will tell you that they love building relationships with their clients, but we actually do. We have the best clients and honestly, it’s because they’re all people who we actually like. In fact, the relationships that we’ve built are a huge part of why our prospects become clients in the first place. They’re also why we work with the clients we do. If a prospect doesn’t align with our core values, we don’t work with them. It’s that simple. Since we just love our clients so much, we thought it would be valuable to share why the relationships we build are so gosh darn important to us.

Creating Loyal Customers

We only work with clients we like, but we also want our clients to feel the same. That’s why our clients get a lot out of our relationship, too. They get honest feedback (even when they don’t want it), invites to events, nominations for awards, and a lot of kickass work. When we build these relationships, they create a lot of trust and loyalty. Our clients know that we would never steer them in the wrong direction and that if our work is anything short of exceeding their expectations, that we fix it. The real value of forming bonds with our clients is that they turn into long-term relationships that both parties love.

Having Honest Conversations

Having an honest conversation with people isn’t always easy. It’s never fun to tell someone that they have a bad idea, especially when it’s about business. Sometimes what a company wants to do with their marketing isn’t exactly what they should do with their marketing. You know what makes them easier? Having great relationships. When you can talk honestly with your clients, you get shit done. It’s like when a friend gives you advice vs. when your in-laws do. Who are you more likely to trust? When you have a great relationship, you can rip off the band-aid and tell it like it is without fearing that the other person’s going to ghost you. It’s the same with clients. When something needs to be discussed, we can talk about it and start making change.

Building a Strong Referral Network

It’s safe to say that 80% or more of our clients have come to us through previously established relationships. Our work speaks for itself, and our commitment to our clients is absolutely unmatched. The best part is that our clients are usually a lot like the company they keep. They often send us connections and referrals for people and companies that are also a great culture fit for the organization. It’s like how your friends introduce them to their friends. The circle just keeps growing. We’re so lucky to work with our amazing clients. Would you like to become one of them? Let’s meet up for a drink (we love coffee and happy hours) or maybe lunch to see if we could be your next marketing relationship. Contact us today. We’d love to meet you!

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