One Month into Your Digital Advertising Plan: Now What?

A marketing professional writes on a piece of paper that says, "Planning."

You did everything right. You set your goals, you decided what you wanted to achieve in the new year, and you began implementing tactics to make your advertising dreams a reality.
That was a month ago, and now you’re looking at the data that’s coming in and thinking to yourself, “Man. Am I doing this right? Is this what I was planning?”
Well, fear not. We’re here to help you figure out what to look for in your new campaigns. Spoiler: it’s not as bleak (or as great) as it might seem.

Is There Any Change at All?

This is a pretty basic place to start, but you’d be surprised how crucial this information is. Sure, it might look like your metrics are going up or down compared to the last few weeks, but is that the data you should be looking at?
You can get a better look at the effectiveness of your strategy by comparing to January 2018. Seasonal trends affect most industries, which means that while your metrics may look a certain way compared to December or November, the year-to-year comparison might help shine some more light on what’s really going on. Compare and contrast, and figure out what’s trending up, what’s going down, and what you need to address.

How Much Change Should I See?

Now, that’s the million-dollar question, isn’t it? When you put a marketing strategy into place, a lot of factors will impact whether or not it takes off immediately. If you haven’t increased your budget or narrowed your audience since your previous campaigns, you might not see any immediate spikes in your numbers. That’s fine. Campaigns can sometimes take weeks to come to fruition.
That doesn’t mean that you should take those numbers lying down, though. If your campaign or strategy isn’t performing how you think it should be, start making adjustments. Try A/B testing your ads or add a few more keywords to your campaign. Make some changes, and then wait a few days. You should be able to start to see what’s effective for your audience and what isn’t.

Remember: Advertisements are Living Beings

Too often, people use a “set it and forget it” attitude towards digital advertising. It’s so easy to do, since the campaigns are automated and the bills come in automatically. Allowing a campaign to continue blundering on without any tailoring is a great way to waste a lot of funds on less effective advertising.
Don’t settle. When your ads are performing poorly, make changes. When your ads are performing fantastically, make changes. That doesn’t mean that you should take down your ads that are performing well, but it does mean that you can A/B test your way to success. Just remember: even if your advertisement is doing well, it can always be doing better. How can you achieve that success?
Are you adjusting your campaign and feeling stuck? Maybe you’re just now realizing that you didn’t make a digital marketing plan at all. That’s where we come in. Contact us today. We’ll buy you a drink and start working with you to make your digital advertising dreams a reality.

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