Client Love: Heartland Builders

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If you haven’t met the Chip and Joanna of West Michigan, you’re missing out. The husband and wife duo behind Heartland Builders, Rich and Cindy, have been building custom homes for the greater Grand Rapids community since 1997.


Heartland Builders is dedicated to ensuring their customers are happy with their new home, as well as making the building experience thoroughly enjoyable from start to finish. With a talented team and mastered process, 3D capabilities and expert design, as well as top-quality contractors and suppliers, Heartland makes building a new home easy, fun, and fast(er than you think).
With satisfaction as a top-priority, Heartland Builders prides themselves in using tools to measure their customers’ happiness. A project is never complete without a shiny set of keys, happy new homeowners, and a great satisfaction score.


In 2017, Heartland connected with the team at 8THIRTYFOUR to share their success in creating a truly unique and successful process for their clients with a goal to increase the amount of homes they build each year – without altering their commitment to a great experience and finished home.
Through strategic meetings, surveys and market research, 8THIRTYFOUR created a comprehensive messaging plan that captures the one-of-a kind experience Heartland Builder’s creates for their clients.
This included a refresh of their physical brand and logos, as well as updating messaging that resonates with modern prospective home owners.
Heartland Builders truly does offer something different with an extremely talented team, and creating messaging that shares that opportunity was a fun project.


Not surprisingly, business is thriving at Heartland. The company continues to innovate and seek out new technology and systems to meet the needs of their clients. If you are thinking about building your next home, we totally recommend this great company!
Next up? A new website is underway that will highlight the amazing team, thoughtful process, and beautiful homes that Heartland builds. Stay tuned for the launch!

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