Meet Leigh, 834's Newest Team Member!

We are excited to announce 834’s newest employee, Leigh Rapaport! Leigh is stepping in as project manager and will be working with a number of our awesome clients. Get to know Leigh, how she’s handling her first week and whether she prefers Kathie Lee or Hoda.

Welcome to 834! What have you enjoyed the most so far? 
The energy at 834 is incredible. The passion the staff has for their work, their clients, and for each other, is really great to be surrounded by. I love the ability to try new things, and I really appreciate the encouragement to ask questions. Being the new kid on the block, that’s really great!
How much did we scare you on your first week? 
You can’t scare me!
How is your work here different from your previous experience?
I’ve fallen into different fields and positions, which I think has been the greatest part of my career trajectory so far. Some parts of working here go right along with some of my previous organizations – lots of team collaboration and support, learning about a variety of different fields through various clients; other parts are very new – marketing lingo is still unfamiliar right now, but I’m working on knowing my acronyms!
Speaking of previous experience, where else have you worked? 
My first job was at a dry cleaners! I spent a lot of summers working at a kid’s camp, and had an internship at a national non-profit organization that supports the arts. I lived in New York City for five (ish) years, working in an after-school program. I moved back to GR and worked at a boutique consulting practice that focuses on executive coaching and leadership development, doing marketing and instructional design. I also did community programming for a local non-profit.
What is a professional or personal goal you’ve reached that you are really proud of?
I moved to New York City without a job lined up. Through networking with friends and family, I landed five part-time teaching gigs. One turned into a full-time position. I pushed through my comfort zone and worked my ass off, moving from part-time teacher to assistant director of education within four years of working at that organization.
What do you like to do when you’re not at 834?
Photography is a passion of mine, and I’ve started to sell some photos at one of my favorite GR shops, Blacklamb. I’m a huge TV buff, it’s always on at my place! I also try to take long walks when I can, it was one of my favorite things to do living in a big city and is the perfect way to get some “me” time.
What’s your favorite food?
I refuse to pick favorites. I love all things cheese, chocolate, and carb-related. I also love cauliflower and pineapple (not together).
You’re forced to choose between watching Teletubbies or Barney for the rest of your life. Which one do you pick?
Both horrible choices, but Barney would at least have some nostalgia attached to it for me.
Regis or Kathie Lee?
Kathie Lee or Hoda?
Hoda, unless it’s Kristen Wiig dressed up as Kathie Lee, drinking out of her wine glass/microphone.
What’s the most embarrassing song on your phone?
People who looked through my iTunes would probably say “Doctor Jones” by Aqua. But I’m really not embarrassed about it, it’s a great song!

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