7 Things: Prepping for Monday

Ah, the Sunday-night freak out. That special time of the week where you realize your weekend is over and there is hard work on the horizon. Going into Monday morning stressed and disorganized sets the tone for your entire week. But by adding a few simple to-dos to your Sunday night, you’ll be able to make Monday morning and the rest of your week much less stressful.
Create a Sunday-night routine
Set aside 30 minutes to one hour every Sunday night to just plan for the week. Make this a weekly ritual and stick to it as closely as possible. This routine should be a priority if you are committed to having a smooth Monday. Create a recurring calendar event so you never miss your prep time.
Look at the weather forecast
That all-white dress sure is cute, but what’s not cute is getting caught in a thunderstorm with a white dress and no umbrella. Plan ahead and peep the weather forecast. Showers all week? Bust out the rain boots and umbrella. Humid and 90 degrees? Gather your frizz-busting hair products and light clothing. Knowing the week’s weather ahead of time can make each individual day a little more “I got this” and a little less “Oh shit.”
Check your calendar for the week
Knowing what the week holds for you can help you prepare in a number of ways. You are more aware of what you have going on and will be less likely to forget meetings, events or to-dos. This can also help you mentally prepare for what’s ahead, plan your wardrobe depending on the meetings you have and start a mental checklist.
Plan your lunches
Meal planning isn’t just beneficial for a healthy diet, it’s beneficial for your stress levels. Decide which lunches you want to bring to work on Sunday evening and prepare them the night before. This will help save time in the morning, as well as solve the dreaded “What should I eat for lunch?” question that arises around 11 a.m. every day.
Create a morning routine
A routine will help with time management in the morning. Instead of rushing through your morning, you’ll be able to slow down, take time to wake up (and hey, maybe even sit down for breakfast for once), prepare for the day and get yourself in a good state of mind so you can get to work and kick ass.
Plan your outfits ahead of time
Doing this will cut down on so much time spent staring at your closet every morning. Use the time you spent checking the weather and going over your calendar and apply it to your week’s wardrobe choices. Doing this will also help narrow down clothing options and help you choose your workwear more quickly.
Give yourself an hour of “me” time before bed
Make sure to get your Sunday routine done with enough time to spare to enjoy the rest of your evening. Time for yourself is just as important to your Monday prep as anything else on this list. It’s amazing how relaxed, rested and ready for the week you are when you give yourself a little downtime before Monday becomes a full-fledged reality.
Like all kinds of routines, this will take some time to get acclimated to. As long as you make a conscious effort to incorporate these tips into your Sunday-night routine, they will become habit in no time. And your Mondays won’t be so stressful anymore.
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