#YourBizYourTown – Spring Edition

WGVU March 2014Better late than never, right? I know you were waiting in anticipation for the #YourBizYourTown March recap to drop.
You can listen to the segment here.
Without further ado, here was our stellar line up on The WGVU Morning Show with Shelley Irwin, 88.5 FM.
Rock Kauffman Design:
Rock Kauffman has made a name for himself by designing modern, comfortable interiors. Truly an eclectic designer, Rock blends both trend-forward and classic, home furnishings, accessories and color palettes to create spaces that are layered, livable and inviting. This ability to mix timeless and modern elements, along with his innate sense of color and texture, keeps his designs fresh.
This spring Rock Kauffman Design will be launching Reinvent. Reinvent breathes new life into older homes by incorporating the knowledge, expertise and experience of Rock Kauffman Design. Stay tuned for more exciting details.
Holland Museum: Art and Propaganda in Nazi-Occupied Holland
The Holland Museum will reveal its newest temporary exhibition, Art and Propaganda in Nazi-Occupied Holland, to the public on Friday, April 4. As part of a traveling exhibit from the Anne Frank Center USA, Dutch resistance art and propaganda will be on display as well as pieces from the Holland Museum’s archive collection. Art and Propaganda will remain at the museum until October 4, 2014. Extended museum hours have been put in place to ensure everyone has the chance to view the powerful display of Dutch history during World War II.
The images represented in the exhibition evoke the horror of German concentration camps, as well as the hardship and suffering endured by Hollanders during World War II. Pieces also display the blatant propaganda of the Nazi Party, which encouraged the Dutch population to support the heroic struggle of the German Wehrmacht against the dark forces of Bolshevism. Posters created by the Dutch government and Allied forces will be available for viewing. The Holland Museum is currently the only cultural facility in the United States showcasing the exhibit.
This is a time in history, we are meant to remember, never forget and always commemorate.
Interested in being featured on #YourBizYourTown, email kim@834design.com or tweet us at @834design.

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