Heart Your Kidneys, Friends of Ford and Racing for the Cure

Okay, so perhaps one of my longer blog titles…but admit it, pretty catchy.
I don’t know how to even begin relating or explaining to all of you, how thankful 834 is to have a friend in Shelley Irwin and to be able to chat with her once a month on all things nonprofit, small business and networking on our segment Your Biz, Your Town.

This month is no different, besides being right before a holiday and maybe having a few less listeners, we have amazing guests. The Grand Rapids African American Health Institute has been doing phenomenal outreach, advocacy and education within the community, specifically to the African American population. Their latest endeavor is the Heart Your Kidneys’ campaign. Did you know that due to the high rate of diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease, African Americans have an increased risk of developing kidney failure and requiring dialysis treatments or a kidney transplant to live? Kind of a staggering fact, and one that GRAAHI is working to combat. I encourage you to check it out, did I mention they are giving away some pretty sweet prizes? Oh and take the kidney quiz, I dare you.

I am proud to say, that as of last week Team 834 signed up for the Susan G. Komen West Michigan Race for the Cure. Did you know that this is the 15th year for Race for the Cure and that the first year, our very own Betty Ford was the honorary chair? This year Betty Ford’s daughter, Susan Ford Bales has signed on to be the honorary 15 year ambassador. Talk about coming full circle! Get on board, join Team 834 or start your own team and help this amazing organization fund critical breast cancer services in our community. What is given local, stays local. Join here, I challenge you.
I am full of challenges and dares today.

Now, who doesn’t love President Ford? If you don’t, you are unAmerican or at the very least not from west Michigan. Did you know that we have the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Foundation housed within our very own Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum? Pretty cool. They host some amazing educational events every year. I encourage you to check them out.

Get involved people! We have great organizations such as these right in our backyard, and they need support, assistance and community love.

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