Small Business Marketing Tips

You’re a small business and money is tight (or non-existent), so what do you do to increase your company’s visiblity? Here are a few tips that are tried and tested. (How do we know? We do it.)

Get Involved: Join a committee for your favorite charity that represents your company well. By getting out there and getting involved with other professionals, you are growing brand awareness.

Social Media: Create a company page on Facebook, write a blog (, join Twitter, create a YouTube channel – use these networks to communicate the happenings in your company, interact with potential customers, observe competitors and build relationships. Check out this new business that is doing it: Dognip.

Network, network, network: Form a group of peers that meet on a regular basis to share ideas, problem solve and make connections for each other. Volunteer at events – place yourself at the registration table to greet attendees as they arrive.

Write a note: Yep, we said that. Peruse the biz publications and send out notes to the businesses you see mentioned, drop in your business card and follow up in a week or so. Don’t ask for anything in the note, just acknowledge their success.

Make a connection…for someone else. Help other small businesses out, whether you give them advice, help them solve a problem or connect them with a potential customer. What goes around, comes around.

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