Success is a Team Effort. Meet the Vendors we Love.

Over the years, 834 has formed many relationships with vendors from all service areas. From video to print t0 large format printing to window sticks to direct mail to digital printing to…well you get the picture.

We want to take the below space to give those we love and are completely loyal to a big shout-out. Thanks for hitting our deadlines and our client’s deadlines and dealing with us during the event season. We think you rock.
We make a great team.

DVS Creative:
We have been working with DVS Creative for years, before they were Creative and we were 834.  Let’s just say, they are a very fun bunch. As any marketing professional knows, video projects can be time-consuming, consist of very long days on set and in the editing suite. Working with DVS is something, we at 834 really look forward to. The guys are funny (they laugh at our jokes), laid back, on task, quick to respond and always willing to go the extra mile. So to Mike and Corey and the rest of the team at DVS Creative – thanks. You guys really are awesome.

Agio Imaging:
Need large format printing turned around in record time? Call the guys at Agio Imaging, not only do they hit every deadline we throw their way, they also go out of their way to install and deliver. We have called them many times for a last minute backdrop for a stage or a photo booth and they always accommodated.
You might remember the Betty Ford event we planned for Alliance for Health. The addition of the photo of Betty behind the stage, made for great PR and a photo back drop for all the video journalists and photographers. Thanks to John C, for always taking the time and going the extra mile to make our life easier.

Diversified Data:
Our experience with these guys, is only one event or project. However, there willingness to work with us on our Flat Iron Building Stanley cut-outs was phenomenal.  Having a vendor that could take our graphic file, router around it, create a stand that would hold good ‘ol Stanley, as well as use a material that would stand-up to the elements was priceless.
Don’t just take our word for it, ask Stanley via Twitter – @stanleyflatiron. We also like the fact that one of our favorite people (Jeff Tow, member of 834’s virtual team, created their website).

Custom Printers:
We work with a lot of printers at 834, and choosing just one to endorse is virtually impossible. However, our man Dave Hendrickson at Custom Printers is perhaps one of the friendliest, most well-versed paper connoisseurs, go out-of-the-way to make your life easier people we have ever had the privilege to work with. Whether it be business cards, a direct mailer, brochure or something more complex; Dave always brings ideas to the table. We have never not gone with a paper he suggested. Thanks to Dave and Custom Printers for dealing with our last-minute, crazy requests.

We are sure most of you are familiar with this entrepreneurial company, but if not, you are now. Our relationship with WorkSighted began before 834 was launched and before WorkSighted branched out with another company, Blue Sky Sessions. Since then, we have had the pleasure to work with both entities and been extremely pleased. Whenever we reach out to WorkSighted, we are met with an immediate reply and the majority of time they pass along info that is helpful to both us and our clients without a question. We highly recommend WorkSighted for all of a company’s IT needs, whether you be a small, medium or large business. The team is friendly, energetic, fun and extremely knowledgeable.
In fact, they set us up on the Google platform and assisted us in syncing everything with Microsoft Office. You guys are top-notch (yep, we just said that).

For all of those that we missed, you are in our hearts and minds (and future blog posts).

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