Kids, ArtPrize, Getting Real and Finding the Rhythm

What a great Your Biz, Your Town show today. I gotta tell ya, I love my job.
We chatted with kids, ArtPrize, REAAL and the upcoming Rhythm Walk.

On October 1st the Grand Rapids African American Health Institute is having their 4th annual Rhythm Run/Walk. The purpose of the Rhythm Run is to inspire and motivate the community to get healthy and to get active. The event takes place at Martin Luther King Park, where vendors will be giving away prizes, choirs will be singing and dancing will be on display. Don’t miss this great opportunity to get out and get active. It is only a 5k and you can walk it. Show your support for this great organization. – there is still a need for volunteers.

It is always awesome to chat with Kids’ Food Basket to hear what it is they have going on and to find out  how the community and businesses are supporting this great nonprofit. ArtPrize has been a very busy time for the Kids’ Food Basket with their entry of the ‘Sack Supper’ – a 13 ft sculpture that depicts the suppers that the org has been providing school kids with for years. Another great ArtPrize happening that benefits Kids’ Food Basket is ‘Be an Explorer of Grand Rapids Art & History’ taking place on September 30th and October 1st. This family-friendly event gives parents and kids the opportunity to participate in an interactive scavenger  hunt around Grand Rapids. Happening at the soon-to-be home of the law firm Smith Haughey Rice & Roegge on the corner of Monroe and Ottawa. Come and check it out!

Now let’s get REAAL. The organization, REAAL (Radiating Excellence in All Areas of Life) was started by Kristian Grant, who at the time was a sophomore at MSU. The ultimate purpose of R.E.A.A.L. is to establish a strong network of women who are ambitious, passionate, driven, and conscientious leaders of today’s society. We believe strongly in the importance of giving back to the communities that helped form us and in having a hand in the formation of those coming after us. Self-empowerment, political awareness, and upholding a standard driven by excellence, are all goals we as faculty and members continuously pursue.

Kristian has just started up a Grand Rapids chapter and plans to involve all area colleges and universities. This is one driven young lady and I am incredibly impressed by her. So get REAAL and get involved.

Get social:
REAAL – @REAALInc or follow Kristian at @BeForREAAL
Kids Food Basket – @kidsfoodbasket

By the way everyone, it is the fabulous Shelley Irwin’s birthday. Wish her happy b-day here: @irwinsh or on Facebook

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