Brain Break


Movie day!

I sit here writing this on a Friday afternoon while the team mills around putting desks together, cleaning and working in our living room as Friends plays in the background. It got me thinking about the importance of brain breaks.

Most Fridays we do something as a team to build morale, bond or just relax and put the busy week behind us. Here are our suggestions for giving your brain the rest it needs.

  1. Friends. Relive the Rachel and Ross romance while laughing along with Joey and the rest of the gang. Nothing brings a team together like coffee at Central Perk.
  2. Cry. Watch a sad movie. Because it’s fresh, I suggest “The Good Lie”… that one is a real tear-jerker. Team 834 loves sitting in the living room of our office sprawled out on the couches, floor and crying… well laughing, too. Nothing brings employees together like raw emotion. You can’t forget something that awkward.
  3. Ice Cream. Whether it is Frosty Boy, Coldstone or the Dairy Queen down the road, we love our ice cream. Sugar is where it’s at! Get jacked up on cold creamy ice cream while exchanging stories around the conference room table.
  4. Half Day. On a beautiful sunny day like today, get out of the office. Take a walk or just the rest of the day off and enjoy fresh air or a cocktail. We prefer the latter.
  5. Relocate. Move the team to a different location for a change of pace. Productivity will soar and smiles will abound… cheesy (so what). Make sure it is dog friendly because our Chief Happiness Officer, Jimmy Lab, will need to be present.

Now it’s┬átime for us to get ready for our baseball game. Sometimes we hang out after hours, too. We know, you’re ready to jump ship and join Team 834.

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