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JetCo Federal

Here at 8THIRTYFOUR, we go out of our way to support women-owned small businesses, especially when they’re operating in an industry that’s traditionally led by stuffy old white men. That’s why we forged a long-lasting bond nearly two decades ago with our client, Jetco Federal.

JetCo is led by Sue Tellier, who also serves as the President of Women in Defense’s Michigan Chapter, Board Member of the Small Business Association of Michigan and Women Impacting Public Policy (like we said—Jetco shares our values). As an organization, JetCo Federal provides packaging, supply chain, and warehouse solutions for government entities and contractors. They’re the ones who solve complex logistics problems, from how to package to coordinating carriers and even storing the goods once they reach their destination. They said it best: “It’s more than a box.”

They needed a website that would showcase their brand, cater to multiple audiences, and demonstrate everything they have to offer potential clients.

Trust the Process

No matter what we’re doing, we always start with the same first step—research. We rely on data, people, and ideas to deliver kickass integrated marketing solutions for our clients. We dive into research and use our findings to develop a strategy. For JetCo Federal, we explored topics like:

  • Website best practices
  • Competitor websites
  • Example sites outside of their industry
  • WCAG 2.3 guidelines
  • A lot of different plugins
  • Keyword search volumes and trends


The biggest challenge for JetCo Federal was the content. They have a distinct voice, and we wanted to showcase it throughout the site. We collaborated with JetCo’s team by providing questions and an outline.

Once we had a solid understanding of the site’s design, functionality, SEO elements, and content, we were finally ready to start building. Then came the testing. Between when the site was ready for the client to see and when we debuted it to the world, we went through no less than four rounds of QA. That may seem excessive to some, but we work to ensure the sites we create are up to our strict standards (and that our clients love them, too).

The Results

With websites, the most exciting reveal is the new design, so we’ll let you see that right off the bat. Check it out.

The old JetCo Federal website featured cartoons moving boxes. The new JetCo Federal website showcases a video and the client's services.

While appearance does have a huge impact on user experience, there are a lot of other nitty-gritty details that can make or break a site. Under all of that design work are a lot of technical frameworks optimizing user experiences across devices, making sure search engines can crawl correctly, and adapting content for the sake of accessibility. You can’t see them, but they’re there.

How do we know they’re functioning correctly? In the month since launch, metrics have been moving in all the right directions. In just four weeks, the site saw:

increase in users
increase in average engagement time
increase in engaged sessions per user
increase in sessions from organic search


Those metrics will likely shift over the next few months (after all, SEO doesn’t happen overnight), but they’re showing much promise over a short time span. We can’t wait to see how the site grows as it matures.

If your site makes you want to smash your phone, you’re in the right place. We’ll help you turn it around.

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