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Social media management is EXHAUSTING. We are constantly reading up on trends, adapting to the latest changes in algorithms, testing different types of content, developing and creating graphics, monitoring, reporting…and the list goes on and this is just for Instagram.

Forbes reports TikTok has emerged as the most intriguing platform for marketers in 2021, surpassing 1 billion users in September — a 45% increase since the start of the year. Instagram, on the other hand, has lost some of the glamor that it once had. While it hasn’t updated its official user numbers since 2018 — when it passed 1 billion users — it’s estimated to currently have around 1.38 billion users.

Even with TikTok taking the world by storm, Instagram will continue to be a major player for brands, as its largest demographic is millennials, at 33%. 

To take full advantage of the platform’s marketing capabilities, there are several Instagram best practices companies need to keep in mind in the coming year.

Know Your Audience

Do a deep dive into your audience demographics or as we call it – spying. Identify the basics – age, geography, gender, interests. You can learn a lot about a person by perusing their profile. Now that you’re more familiar with your audience, is your current content a fit? Take a look at your analytics and see what content is currently performing well and test out polls and quizzes. 

Influencers & Creators

We’re gonna break this done for you, cause it gets a bit confusing. Rival IQ notes that traditional influencers use their personal brand to influence their audience to purchase products. Creators, on the other hand, are solely focused on creating content. Think: Reels or TikTok videos. While a creator may naturally influence people who follow them, their primary goal is simply to create content.

Gen Z’s inclination toward authenticity demonstrates why digital creators have garnered more credibility than traditional celebrities or influencers these days: it’s all about being real. Creators seamlessly incorporate products into their content which gives them a natural and relatable vibe.

Consistency is Key

This seems kind of obvious, right? According to Rival IQ’s 2021 Social Media Benchmark Report, the average brand posts on Instagram about 4 times per week, but the top brands are posting every day of the week.

That’s right, this sh*t is everyday and constant. Keep that in mind next time you try to negotiate a lower cost for social media management – this industry is 24/7 and it ain’t easy.

It’s All About the Reels

Sigh. We love video, we love it so so much. What we don’t love is how non user-friendly reels are, but Instagram has prioritized video content in order to keep up with the competition, TikTok and YouTube. So, get with the trend and crank out those reels like it’s your job or our job…

Just Meme It

Funny wins the day. Humor is on trend and your followers want to be entertained. Share those funny tweets, yes on Instagram, and don’t be afraid to integrate sarcasm into your feed.

We could keep going, but this blog is already too long, so we’ll bullet point the rest.

  • Stay true to your brand guidelines and make sure your grid aesthetic matches it.
  • Get creative with your stories – share tips, polls, quizzes, link to content on your site and make sure you have your highlights set up. 
  • Engage with giveaways. People love free stuff.
  • Measure EVERYTHING. Dig into your Instagram metrics and set SMART goals. Aim for a higher engagement rate or focus on increasing your followers by a certain percentage.

Our best piece of advice: invest in the management of your social and hire the experts.

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