Won’t You Be Our Neighbor?

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Hi, 👋🏼 As you’ve probably noticed from our socials, we are in a new location on the NE side of Grand Rapids, known as Creston, and we are VERY excited about it. Creston is where 8THIRTYFOUR was born, and it is very special to all of us, which is why we made a big investment and bought 1365 Plainfield NE (the coolest building in all of GR), also known as the Phillips Building. We know how awesome this neighborhood is, but it seems not everyone is as acquainted with the extreme cool factor of Creston.

We’ll be doing a series of blogs to share all the kickass things going on here, but first, a history lesson.

The Creston district, which is located in Grand Rapids’ Second Ward, includes Creston, Creston Heights, Cheshire, North Park and Riverside Gardens.

In addition to its quaint collection of businesses along Plainfield, it is most loved for its tree-lined, curving streets that stretch West of the business district down the hill to Monroe Avenue and Riverside Park.

The Neighborhood

We are the largest neighborhood in the city of Grand Rapids, with over 27,000 residents, stretching from Leonard on the South end, Riverside Park on the West, 4 Mile on the North, and East of Fuller on the East.

So why are people more familiar with Eastown, Cherry Hills or the West Side? Not cool, you guys. Get over here and experience what makes us great.

Now a few basic facts.

  • Our neighborhood started as a factory working class area to a mixed-use suburban area.
  • The name Creston was chosen by residents in 1906 due to the “crest” of the hills near Spencer Street and Plainfield Avenue.
  • In 2019 we were named the Hottest Zip Code by Realtor.com. 
  • We are one with nature, from gardens to parks and pools, Creston offers plenty of ways to get active.
  • We are home to Huff Park, Riverside Park, Briggs Park and Aberdeen Park and we have a community garden

The Businesses

Creston is full of a lot of kickass small businesses, like yours truly. These range from local breweries and restaurants, art galleries, banks and credit unions, markets, churches, and other professional services. Lions & Rabbits, owned by Hannah Berry, hosts a range of awesome events in our neck of the woods. 

The Creston Business Association encompasses the Cheshire Business District & Creston Business District. You’re probably familiar with Graydon’s Crossing, The Rez, Frosty Boy, Lucy’s and Kingma’s. 

But…did you know Gaia House Cafe is here? And the coolest new restaurant, Cafe Mamo is serving up some amazing entrees, brunch and craft cocktails.

We’re invested in this neighborhood because it is unique, funky and shit is happening here. So stay tuned, cause we got some cool stuff we’re working on.

P.S. Clear the month of November. We’ll be announcing a very cool party you don’t want to miss. 

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