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Glue Dripping

In this week’s edition of “shit you’re just not gonna believe,” we present the following.

We’re sleeping better now

We can’t wait to order GoodPillow, the brainchild of David Hogg, one of the founders of March 4 Our Lives. It’s the newest competitor of MyPillow, the company owned by conspiracy theorist, Mike Lindell. The poor guy didn’t realize consumers don’t want to buy pillows from a nut job.

Hogg is promising the company will have a focus on the truth and a commitment to quality and ethics, but he also wants to make the messaging fun. 

We hear they’re looking for a PR company. We slid into your DMs but wanted to throw it out in the public sphere as well.

Don’t put that there

If you think you’re having a bad hair day, you’ve got nothing on this influencer who sprayed Gorilla Glue in her hair cause she ran out of her usual hair product. We would feel sorry for her, but it seems a bit like a ploy to get attention, and she wants to sue the company for her own stupidity.

Also, Gorilla Glue lives up to its name. It really sticks.

Becoming part of the club

Chances are you’ve heard of Clubhouse, the latest social network taking the world by storm. It’s currently by invite-only, but there are plenty of those floating around. We’re still poking around to find the value. Our friends at Muck Rack describe it as similar to a conference. It contains speakers, moderators and attendees. The unique thing about this “conference” is that it’s completely online, free, will cover almost any topic you can think of, and is happening 24/7. 

At this point, we’re still trying to figure out if there is PR value in terms of pitching, finding opportunities and connecting with journalists. 

Right now, it seems like a lot of noise and one more thing we have to tune into.

I’m not a cat

This will have you in tears. Also, we plan to join every Zoom call as a cat—just to forewarn you.

We won’t go into the details because you can watch the video below. However, this is the funniest thing to hit the internet in a long time.

We’re just happy this is what people are talking about now, versus a former President sowing seeds of discontent. Feels good to tune into something else.

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