Work from Home Color Palettes

a color palette of cozy, work from home images

We know the phrase “work from home” has taken on a new meaning in these last several months…or has it been years? We usually write our color palette blogs around seasons, which if you think of it…WFH kinda is.

Since it would appear none of us are going anywhere for a while, we present to you our Work From Home Color Palettes.

Each color palette represents a spot we work from, many inspired by our own backgrounds in our never-ending Zoom calls.

Color Palette #1 – “The Couch”

A person laying on a couch with a laptop and a cat.

Who doesn’t like to snuggle into their couch surrounded by 100 throw pillows, 6 dogs and a giant cup of coffee?

This color palette embraces “chill blues” and laid back vibes, no matter the deadlines or never-ending to-do lists. This palette also says, “I’m not wearing any pants,” and we salute you for this.

Color Palette #2 – “The Messy Desk”

A laptop sitting on a messy desk.

The bright colors of this palette represent the collection of useless things that cover your desk at home: pens, empty coffee cups, food wrappers, masks, candles, photos of your dogs, etc.

Many of us are eating, drinking and possibly even sleeping in our home office. Hey, no judgement here. You have the freedom to decorate your home office (or bed) however you want. The messier, the better.

Color Palette #3 – “The Bed”

A laptop and planner sitting on a bed.

Raise your hand if you’ve worked from your bed for several days in a row, and it just happened to coincide with your camera not working…odd, so odd.

This color palette wraps you in coziness, with your dog(s) at your feet and a huge down comforter serving as your desk. It’s perfect for cold winter mornings.

Embrace the lazy. There are no rules when it comes to working from home.

Color Palette #4 – “The Kitchen”

A person and their child sitting at a chair in their kitchen working on a laptop.

It’s best to never move too far from the coffee or the snacks, which is why this might be our favorite color palette and WFH location.

The soft pastels represent the bright light from the kitchen windows, coupled with children’s voices in the background. The deep green is what we see outside.

It’s the kid and dogs running into our Zoom calls, the lunchtime distractions, the big kitchen table to work at, and did we mention the snacks?

Sometimes you want to expand your workspace beyond a messy desk, your couch or bed and really spread out on the kitchen table. It also inevitably represents the spill that is bound to happen.

Embrace the space you have at home. There are no rules in 2020, besides taking care of you. Give us a holler if we can help. We’re really good listeners.

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