Simple Ways to Enjoy the Outdoors

It’s Earth Day! We love the environment and the kickass planet we live on. So…even though we’re all cooped up inside this year, our team decided to break out the ways you can get out there and enjoy the world.
We’re going stir crazy.
We came up with these awesome ways to enjoy nature, all while sticking to social isolation. Read this blog, put on some pants (please), and get out there.

Difficulty Level: Putting on Shoes

If you’re an overachiever, this one’s for you. Muster up your strength, put on that athletic wear (just put on a bra and maybe some pants), and tie those shoes. It’s time to get out there.
When you make your coffee tomorrow, toss it in a to-go cup and go for a walk. The morning’s a great time to connect with the world around you, and you’re less likely to run into anyone. If you already go for walks, make it a point to take a different route each time you go out. It keeps things fresh, and you might even discover a patch of flowers or an awesome tree or something. Look, it sounds cheesy, but anything nature really helps nowadays. Trust us. 

Difficulty Level: Getting Dressed

If putting on shoes and pants was too much, this option is for you and you can still enjoy the outdoors.
Instead of working from your table or desk or whatever, bring your laptop out on your porch, backyard or parking lot. The fresh air does a body good. If you’re stuck inside (dead battery? We get it), then wait until you’re on a break and go out with a book. What’s better than listening to birds while you read some kickass novels? Might we suggest Wolfpack by Abby Wambach.
Oh, did we mention we have two whole reading lists for you? Check them out here and here. It’s the best time to get some reading done.

Difficulty Level: None of the Above

What do you do when you want to enjoy nature but pants and a bra are too much? Start an indoor garden.
All you have to do is order plants or seeds online or even shove your leftover veggies in some dirt. Bam. You’ve got the joy of the outdoors without ever needing to leave your house.
However, we highly encourage you to enjoy nature, it’s free and what the hell else do you have to do? Open all your windows and air out your house. It might not technically be the same as going outside, but it can help to get some air flowing and the stank out.
Or just give up and watch a Netflix nature documentary. At least you’re learning something.

Our world is wild right now. Good thing our team can get creative. Do you need help navigating this wilderness?  Get in touch. You don’t even have to leave your house, we throw great Zoom happy hours.

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