How to Treat Yourself from Home

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Who would have thought that being stuck at home would be stressful? These past few weeks have us stressed, upset, or just downright tired. You’re not alone. It seems pretty fitting that April is Stress Awareness Month. We thought we’d pull together some ways you can de-stress at home. Remember, we’re all in this together.

Change It Up

When you’re working from home, or even if you’re just stuck at home, it can feel like every day is the same. Switch up small things in your day to keep it fresh and exciting. Light a candle that you normally wouldn’t, put on some tunes, wash your hair…maybe even shower. Move around your house, change where you’re working from. Go sit on your porch or balcony, work from a closet, create a home office space…get creative, it’s not like you don’t have the time. Little changes like this can go a long way towards breaking up your day and making it seem less like Groundhog’s Day.

Find a Friend

And by that, we mean from the comfort of your own home. You can schedule a Zoom happy hour or whip out a game of Quiplash for your friends to play online. Nothing is more fun than watching your friends get drunk virtually.
Take a second to write a note to a friend or someone in a nursing home, they’re stressed and feeling helpless as well. Focus on brightening someone else’s day. There is nothing better than receiving mail with an uplifting message in it.

Take a Break

Take a physical break from whatever you’re doing. Go on a walk outside without your phone (just stay six feet away from everyone else). Take a bath with a bath bomb (from LUSH? Obviously). Even try out some yoga or follow along with a YouTube workout. All of these little things can help you feel way more productive and way less stressed.

Do you need a team to help you destress during this crazy time? We’re here for you. Just get in touch.

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