Core Value #4: We Work Harder than the Rest

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If you’ve been keeping up with our blog, you’re probably aware that we operate based on our brand’s core values. These five little phrases encompass everything our brand is about, and we’re super proud that we get to work them into our everyday lives. You’ve probably already read about core values one, two, and three (go check them out if you haven’t), so without further ado…here is number four. If you haven’t already guessed from our blog title, it’s “We Work Harder than the Rest.”

We Work Harder for You

When we work with a client, we don’t just phone it in. We love getting to know you, learning about your brand, and finding out how we can really crush your goals. But that’s all standard for a marketing agency, right (it’s supposed to be, call us if it’s not)? So how do we go above and beyond? Easy. We have a robust reporting system, so you know exactly what we did for you every single month. We check in with you every single week to make sure we’re on track, to let you know what to expect, and to sort out any concerns before they become issues. And we absolutely crush it. Every week, our team cranks out more high-quality, effective deliverables than should probably be possible. We put in extra hours when we need to, and we make sure you love the results.

We Work Harder for Us

Here’s the less obvious part of this value. Our team is wildly, crazily, totally devoted to making sure we all knock out our assignments without losing our minds. After all, we’re way better as a team when we’re all feeling good. That means we collaborate pretty much all the time. If someone’s overwhelmed, other team members will grab those assignments to make sure they get done for the client, and that they get done well. More importantly, we make sure that we don’t let each other down. We’re all invested in pumping out quality work because we want this team to be successful. That’s when we joke when spirits are down, and we grind when we have to grind. In the end, we’re all striving to help 8THIRTYFOUR continue to grow, excel, and be awesome while it does.

Why “We Work Harder than the Rest?”

When Kim started 8THIRTYFOUR, it wasn’t exactly, y’know. Easy. It was an uphill battle to start a kickass company that was woman-led in the middle of West Michigan. In her journey to make 8THIRTYFOUR what it is now, Kim lost her house, her marriage, and a few dogs. She picked herself up, got to work, and made something awesome. That’s why we include it as one of our core values, because it’s what we’re built on. If Kim hadn’t busted her ass, well, our team wouldn’t be here, and we wouldn’t be able to do awesome work. So yeah, we work harder from the rest, and we’re gonna keep doing it. Do you want to work with a team that puts you first, fixes it, works crazy hard, and knows their shit? Well, it just so happens that you’ve come to the right place. Contact us. Let’s get to work.

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