Our Favorite Michigan Summer Beers

Although some of us obviously stick to our (iced) red wine and White Claws (have we mentioned we’re throwing a Basic Party next month?), there are a select few on the 8THIRTYFOUR team who prefer to relax with a beer. This is especially true during the summer months. The summer heat calls for a special lineup of hoppy, juicy bevies here in the Mitten.
As a former official Beer City USA, it is our duty to report Michigan’s beer scene. We love breweries not just for their beer, but also because of the people, food, and patios.
So, because we’re fans of lists, here’s a list of some of our favorite Michigan beers for you (and us) to enjoy this summer. Don’t worry. We made sure to include a few underdog options that tend to skate under the radar.

SeaQuench Ale – Dogfish Head

Some members on our team are pretty fond of sour beers, and this one is a classic. Pair it with some fish tacos for a refreshing summer meal you’ll never forget.

Bean Flicker – Odd Side Ales

Though we’re not typically huge fans of coffee beers in the summer, this one is so smooth that we’ll drink one – or a few – any day of the year.

Mandarina – City Built Brewing

Before we dig into this one, we’ll admit we may be a bit biased. Members of our team frequent this spot weekly, and we recouped our annual Mug Club investment within the first 6 weeks.
But our biased opinions will tell you that the Mandarina will pair perfectly with any taco option on the menu. Word on the street is that there’s a new patio going up in the next couple of weeks, which makes this one even more of a no-brainer!

Two Hearted Ale – Bell’s Brewery

This one is no surprise, and clearly doesn’t need an explanation.

Triple Crown Brown – The Mitten Brewing Co.

Anyone who serves pizza flights to pair with our beer flights is a winner in our book. This brew is deep and incredibly refreshing, especially in the middle of the hot Michigan summer.
Just like the coffee beers, we typically save our brown ales for the fall and winter months, but we’re so down with this brown that we couldn’t resist adding it to our list.

Triomphe – Brewery Vivant

Vivant is definitely a favorite here in Grand Rapids. It has great people, delicious food, multiple patio options, and of course, amazing beer. Seriously. Have you stopped in yet?
One of our favorite brews is the Triomphe. This one is a solid blend of both Belgian and American IPA techniques, so you get the best of both worlds. Sip on this to beat the summer heat any day.

M-43 IPA – Old Nation Brewing Co.

If you ask any Michigander, they’ll tell you that M-43 IPA is a classic. IPAs are one of the best ways to enjoy the summer, and M-43 is no exception.
This list is making us thirsty, so we’re currently cracking open a couple M-43s here at the office. What’s not to love?

Tangerine Space Machine – New Holland Brewery

If you want to enjoy the summer in style, pair this one with a campfire. Then lean back and stare at the stars. You’ve got to look up at space to fully enjoy this out-of-this-world brew.
Michigan is known for creating some of the best beers around. Our team is happy to be located in such a brewery-friendly space. Keep an eye out! You might find us relaxing at a brewery near you while we crush through some work.
Do you need an excuse to try some of our favorite beers? Contact us. We’d love to talk to you about how we can help your marketing efforts while sipping on some of the best beers Michigan has to offer.

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