The Ultimate 8THIRTYFOUR Summer Playlist

Grab your sunglasses, slop on some sunscreen, and blend yourself a piña colada or a margarita or iced red wine…just get a drink, will ya? Let’s celebrate the beginning (hopefully) of summer.
We sort of love all things summer themed, from frosé and margaritas to beach parties and driving with the windows down. 8THIRTYFOUR works hard so that we can play just as hard, and we are sharing the love this summer.

Grab the Tunes

Great summer memories need an amazing playlist. Are you going on a road trip? Relaxing on a pool float? Having a water balloon fight? Watching your seven dogs go splashing into the lake all at once (with lifejackets – safety first)? Whatever you’re doing, you need sweet tunes to set the mood.
Need help compiling the jams? Here is the Ultimate 8THIRTYFOUR Summer Playlist. We did ask some of you to help us contribute, and it turned out pretty awesomely, if we do say so our-selves.

Without Further Ado…

We spent countless hours pulling this together, so grab a drink, and let’s go fishin’ in the dark while we party in the U.S.A.

Don’t see your song? Share it in the comments below and we’ll add it to the playlist.
If you aren’t a client, contact us right now and we’ll grab some summer cocktails, find a nice patio, and talk through how we can make this summer your best one yet.

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