Get to Know #Team834: Jen Van Ee

8THIRTYFOUR's Director of Client Success, sitting and smiling in a chair, at the 8THIRTYFOUR office in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

“We fix it.”
Of all of our core values, that’s the one that comes to Jen’s mind when she’s crushing it for our clients. As far as she’s concerned, there’s no marketing, PR, or digital problem our team can’t solve. 8THIRTYFOUR loves finding comfort in the uncomfortable (Kim even has that phrase tattooed on her arm), which is why your biggest pain point is where our team can flourish.

Now the Fun Stuff…

Jen is, honestly, really relatable. She changes into pajamas as soon as she gets home from work, loves a great night out with her friends, and plays a round of golf whenever she can find the time. Jen had a baby in June 2018, but that hasn’t slowed her down at all. If anything, it’s made her better at time management (when you have a newborn, a kid about to enter grade school, and a Doberman, you sort of have to be good at that).
Find out more about Jen in the video below, but make sure you’re wearing something comfy in her honor when you do.


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