2019 PRoof: We Came, We Conquered, We Spilled Wine

A picture of physical PRoof awards on a table.

This past week, we gathered with our PR and communications friends at Clearwater Place for one of our favorite annual events: The PRoof Awards.
If you’re not a part of West Michigan Public Relations Society (which you should be), the PRoof Awards celebrates successful and creative campaigns and tactics that launched in the past year. We love attending this event every year, not only because we like winning, but because we love being able to network with some the profession’s best and brightest. You know we’re huge fans of open bars and celebrating the success of our colleagues.
Here are some of our highlights from this year’s event:

The One Where Our Friend Won Professional of the Year

A longtime friend of the agency (and by longtime we mean she helped build this place up 12 years ago) received Professional of the Year this year. And is there anyone more deserving? Absolutely not.
Adrienne Wallace is a badass who has worked her ass off the past 22 years, bettering herself and the industry. She spent ten years working on her education while also teaching at Grand Valley AND working in the profession. Five years of that was also spent working on her doctorate. So that’s Dr. Adrienne Wallace to you.
She has mentored many of our employees and will always be a lifelong friend of the agency. We love her. Absolute rockstar.

The One Where We Got A Lot of Iced Red Wine…

…and then spilled it. If you know us, you know we like our wine red and our wine glass filled with ice. Everything was going swimmingly until we got too excited during the award ceremony after winning the micro AND macro influencer campaign awards (back-to-back, no big deal) and knocked over a tall glass of iced red wine.
Seriously, who invites us to these things?

The One Where the Emcee Was Baller

Our emcee for the night was Marvis Herring from WOODTV and all we can say is WOW. This guy kept the show running while also making us laugh every minute. That takes talent. We loved hearing his southern accent creep out and the acoustic version of (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction. We can’t wait for you to emcee all the things in the future, and also to pitch to you.

The One Where We Cleaned Up

And no, we don’t mean we cleaned up the event, although that would have been nice of us. We don’t mean to brag but we did clean up the campaign category. We were recognized for our work with Sartori Cheese (did we hear someone say, “pairs perfectly?”), our micro-influencer work with Woodhouse Day Spa, our macro-influencer campaign for Cirrus Wave Styler, and our kickass Tarana Burke event that celebrating International Women’s Day 2018. Plus, we also got called out for our amazing work with ACLU of Michigan for educating LGBTQ seniors across the state about resources available to them.
We are so proud of the work we have done in the past year and are honored we were recognized for just a few of the many projects and campaigns we worked on in 2018. Congratulations to all of our fellow winners. You all rock!
If you want to work with an award-winning firm like us, send us an email so we can get down to business.

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