Digital Marketing: The Center of Your Universe

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We’re not exaggerating when we say, “digital marketing is everywhere.” It’s at the center of everything you do, whether you know it or not. How many times have you checked Instagram or Facebook today? How about that DSW email blast on their latest sale? Did you get a text alert about a charge on your credit card when you bought those killer heels?
Everything we do and the way we respond to people is often through the digital space. That includes making dinner reservations at that cool restaurant downtown, Grubhubbing, Postmating or Uber Eating that hangover food the next day (we’ve all done it), or tweeting customer service when your Netflix account doesn’t work and you really need to catch that new season of the Great British Baking Show (hint, hint, Netflix).
The digital space is often the driver of all other marketing touchpoints, which is why it is important that all efforts are integrated.

Integrated Digital Marketing?

Integrated digital marketing is when you think beyond the digital space and into the other opportunities you might have to engage with your audience.
For example, that Game of Thrones season you just binged? You’ve encountered the brand on Facebook, television, and even on your Oreos. The brand and message follow you no matter where you go.
That’s exactly how an integrated approach works: your audience encounters similar messages with the same branding through advertising, public relations, email, social media, billboards, products and more.

Integrated Digital and Traditional Marketing

One of the most important parts of marketing is measurement. You need to know what works and what doesn’t.
That’s where digital comes in. You can tie ROI to traditional efforts like direct mailers by tracking coupon codes or adding campaign-specific URLs. The engagement metrics on a custom landing page will show you how well your campaigns are performing.
By tying together your traditional marketing with digital, you’ll know what works and what doesn’t. You will also gain segmented traffic from traditional advertising that you can retarget in future digital campaigns. It all ties together.

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The Future of Integrated Digital Marketing

Digital keeps innovating and expanding, which means that future integrated efforts are going to be ah-mazing.
Soon, augmented and digital realities will be more blended with the physical space than ever before. When that happens, traditional and digital media will become one and the same, which will open up a world of possibilities for marketers. Plus, it’s just super cool.

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If your brand hasn’t figured out digital marketing or how it can integrate with your other marketing efforts, stop what you’re doing and contact us right now. We can help!


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