Our Top 4 Favorite Icebreakers

Emily Potts smiles at the camera while sharing her favorite icebreakers in the 8THIRTYFOUR office.

Icebreakers are pretty much our favorite thing ever; we consider them a rite of passage for new staff members. With culture being the most overused word in our office, icebreakers have become an important part of team bonding. It’s forced togetherness, look it up.
Over the years our team has found the four best icebreakers for (almost) all occasions. Whether you’re onboarding a new team member or joining a table of strangers at a networking event, use one of our favorite icebreakers to get genuine conversation going.

If You Were a Candle…

…what would your scent be? We love this icebreaker because you get to know people’s interests outside of their work. For example, an answer like, “the scent of Goldendoodle with a hint of Taco Tuesday and notes of yoga mats,” can tell you a lot more about your coworker than 2 Truths and a Lie ever could.

If You Were Stranded On an Island…

…what bottomless alcoholic drink and which pet (or in our case, office dog) would you choose to be stranded with? We have nine office dogs, (yes, that means our dog-to-employee ratio is 9:7) so there are obviously favorites. The pet and drink you choose to waste away with on an island say a lot about you. Do you need a strong drink to make it through the isolation or just red wine with a bucket of ice?

If You Committed a Murder…

…how would you dispose of the body?* We are the first to admit that you need to read the room before you use this icebreaker, BUT we have thoroughly enjoyed pulling this one out when a new employee joins our team. Nothing gets a new coworker better prepared for our company culture than asking about an unexpected and taboo topic like body disposal.

If You Could Throw Cold Spaghetti at ANYONE, Alive or Dead…

…who would you throw spaghetti at and why? This icebreaker has such a wide variety of answers, from Kelly Ripa to the angry orange Cheeto. You never know what your coworker will say. Also, just imagine getting the opportunity to throw cold spaghetti at someone. Can someone please host an event where this is an actual activity, please?
We are proud of 8THIRTYFOUR’s company culture and truly think it is unique from other integrated communications agencies. Interested in learning how we created a kick-ass culture? Give us a call. Let’s chat and break the ice.
* – 8THIRTYFOUR loves this icebreaker, but we do not condone violence. Let’s keep the body burying hypothetical, please.

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