5 Brilliant Brands Killing It with Video

A camera on a tripod films activity over a lake.

Video content is on the rise, and the team at 8THIRTYFOUR can definitely get behind this trend. Utilizing video is a great way to educate or entertain viewers, as well as, promote your brand. We are loving how versatile this medium is, and how it’s pushing boundaries in the world of marketing. Below are 5 brilliant brands that are absolutely killing it with their video content, in a wide variety of ways.


Nike – Dream Crazier
In just days, Nike’s new commercial “Dream Crazier”, has gone viral all over social media. Narrated by Serena Williams, the clip shows the struggles endured by female athletes, and how they ultimately overcome them. This isn’t the first time that Nike has pushed the boundaries, and used their large brand (and even larger following) as a platform for social justice, and we are all about it!


The video, "Will you fit into Deloitte" by Rapt Media shows a play button over it. Deloitte New Zealand – Will You Fit Into Deloitte
The accounting powerhouse, Deloitte New Zealand, took their recruiting video to a whole new level with an interactive feature. This unique video, which is filmed in the point of view of the person who’s watching, guides you through a day in the life at Deloitte. It offers interactive questions throughout the video to gauge if you’d fit in there. Talk about engagement!


Google – #HeyGoogle, Let’s Go to the Movies
Who’s surprised that our friend Google made our list? In this hilarious spot, that was originally aired during the Oscars this week, features characters from movies (that we all know and love) using their beloved Google devices. We love that they added an element of humor and incorporated familiar video footage. Google also proves that even our favorite movie characters rely on their smart phones.


Aerie – Introducing #AerieREAL Role Models
Across all platforms, lingerie lifestyle retailer, Aerie, has been known for their authenticity; using retouch-free models of all shapes and sizes. We appreciate the rawness of this clip, and the movement towards body positivity and more relatable role models for younger generations.


The North Face – Walls Are Meant For Climbing Video Series
It’s about to get super inspirational with The North Face’s video series called “Walls Are Meant For Climbing” featuring seven rock climbers and their diverse inspirational stories. Okay, so we know this is technically seven clips, but we couldn’t pick just one! They are all styled with unique, hand-drawn graphics, using bold, eye-catching typographic. We also love that they are narrated by the featured climber, in an informal, non-rehearsed way. The story-telling creates a sense of connection with the viewer, and gives us all the positive vibes.
Are you curious how incorporating video content will help your brand? Reach out to us today and let’s chat about your video needs!

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