Nothing Happens in the Winter

A cartoon dog in a scarf enjoys the snow.

When the snow really starts to fall in Michigan it seems as though the entire state goes into hibernation. Why? Because there are few things better than cozying up and doing absolutely nothing. That feeling of nothing, and not feeling guilty for staying inside all day, is one of the best parts of winter, in our opinion.
Because we are experts in practicing the art of relaxation and coziness, a few of our team members at 8THIRTYFOUR have shared their favorite “nothing” day activities:

TV Binge Session

Waking up late on a Saturday morning and feasting on pancakes, bacon, and coffee is the best way to start a day of nothing. Crawl back into bed with a bundle of blankets and binge watch all the shows you’ve been hoarding in your Netflix queue.

All the Comfort Food

The ideal, lazy-day schedule is prepping an easy batch of chili in the morning to cook in the Crockpot all day long (the smells!), camping out on the couch to watch old rom-coms, football, and The Office, and finally, a few on-and-off-again naps. After a day of doing absolutely nothing, you can reward yourself with fresh, delicious chili… and maybe a cocktail.

Cookie Tasting Affair

It’s that special time of year when cabinets and freezers start filling up with Girl Scout cookies! Take these sweet beauties up a notch by thoughtfully pairing them with ideal beverages. Whip up a hot toddy to enjoy alongside your Lemonades; Samoas taste better when you sip a Manhattan; Thin Mints deserve a premium White Russian; Tagalongs need a bold chilled white wine; and you can layout your Trefoils next to fresh gutter water because they are TRASH. Fight me. They are the worst. Basically, garbage cookies.

Go Out and Explore (A little)

If you’re not a stay-inside-no-matter-what type of person, short, exploratory strolls are always a great way to waste a day while still tricking yourself into thinking you were productive. Wander down a path that you haven’t explored before or just let your feet take you to your favorite chill coffee shop. There you can melt away a few hours just browsing social media on your laptop or phone. This lazy technique might get you out of the house, but you can make anything into nothing if you try hard enough!

The Perfect Day

Sweatpants. Vinyl records. Delicious Food. Wine. Need I say more?

Fuel Your Creativity

Allowing yourself to be “bored” leads to some of the best creative ideas. In a world full of constant interaction with technology and social media, doing nothing can stimulate your brain and lead to creative thoughts. So, drop a bath bomb in in your tub full of hot water (which will also warm you up this winter), and relax in stillness for a few minutes. Bring a notebook to put next to you in case any earth-shattering ideas pop into your head, and enjoy your time of technology-free, head-clearing silence.
What are you doing on Tuesday, February 19th? Nothing? Oh, good. Then be sure to join us at 8THIRTYFOUR for our first ever Nothing Party. We will be celebrating absolutely nothing while enjoying crockpot snacks and boozy winter drinks. Be sure to RSVP! We can’t wait to hang out and do nothing with you.

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