Building a Manufacturing Brand Online

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No matter the business, more and more customers are turning to the digital space to find products and services that they need. The manufacturing industry is not excused from this digital trend. Many decision makers are starting out their search online, and if your brand isn’t represented well, they may not take action to connect with you. In the digital space, this means “convert” – convert to a sale, an email for more information, or another call-to-action that aligns with your marketing goals.
When we work with manufacturing clients, we use the steps below to guide our efforts. Take a look to see how to build your manufacturing brand online:

Consistency is Key

Your brand’s online presence should be reflected the same way throughout the digital space. Having the brand name or logo displayed differently on your website, social media presence, or Google Business listing can be confusing and off putting to potential buyers. Formatting, coloring, and font choices all matter to ensure you are perceived as professional.
You need to show your audience who you are regardless of how they may find you.

Stick to Your Message

Your messaging also needs to be present and consistent throughout the digital space. The content that is posted should reflect the platform, but it should also relate to the brand’s message, strategy, and overall objectives. For example, a blog will have different content from what you include on your Facebook page. However, the content should be valuable to your audience and in line with your company objectives.
Every digital space that you occupy should have clear goals so that you can leverage the opportunity in a way that is successful.

Share More Content

Creating and sharing content is a great way to educate and provide value to your audience and position your brand as a thought leader. The most common ways to do this is to blog regularly on your website and consistently post on all of your social platforms. However, the digital space is more integrated than ever. For example, using public relations to get featured in other publications your audience reads also strengthens your brand (and these articles can be shared on your website, social accounts, e-newsletters, and more for maximum impact).
If you want even more tips on how to build your online presence check out our digital marketing tips and quick SEO wins.
If you have any more questions you can always call us! We’d love to talk to you about it over coffee (or a cocktail).

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