Digital Marketing for Nonprofits

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Digital marketing is so crucial for nonprofits. The digital space can directly and effectively support goals around volunteer recruitment, membership outreach, fundraising initiatives, and so much more.
We LOVE working alongside nonprofit organizations. We love it so much that we stay up-to-date on ever-changing trends in lots of digital platforms to make sure our work is leveraging every possible opportunity.
For instance, did you know that some nonprofits can receive $10,000 per month in digital advertising dollars? This opportunity, and many more exist for these great organizations, and we are here to help!

Digital Marketing is a No-Brainer for Your Nonprofit Organization

People turn to the internet to learn, discover, and connect with organizations. This is a fact.
Potential volunteers are searching for volunteer opportunities, then stalking you on social media to see if you’d be a good fit. Potential sponsors are searching online, then checking out your website to determine your credibility. Donors are going to your website to give. Last year alone, people in the US donated $31 billion online. If you’re hosting events, people are going online to find event details, buy tickets, and ‘check in’ when they arrive.
A great example of nonprofits leveraging the heck out of social media is the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. This campaign used digital tactics to spread awareness, and it worked.
People love to connect to meaningful causes online, share their thoughts, and show their friends that they care. Give them a reason and the means to engage.

Google Resources for Nonprofits

Google is a long-time supporter of nonprofits. Last year alone, they donated more than $10 billion worldwide.
Here are some of the opportunities available to registered 501(c)(3)s in the United States:

  • Ad Grants: $10,000 per month in digital advertising
  • Fundraising tools, free of charge
  • SEO leniency and forgiveness for your website
  • Exclusive YouTube features including donation collection (again, free of charge)

Did You Say $10,000 PER MONTH?!

Through their AdWords platform, Google will grant you $10,000 per month* in digital advertising spend. This can be used to support campaigns around:

  • Volunteers
  • Sponsorships
  • Donations
  • Funding
  • Awareness
  • Event attendance
  • And more

Making the Most of Your Resources

This is great, but you may be limited in resources, like staff and time, to make the most of this opportunity.
That’s where we come in.
We are launching a new digital package opportunity for select nonprofits. We’ll partner with you to determine your goals, outline a strategy in support of them, and execute these digital campaigns. We’ll provide monthly reports so you’ll never wonder where that $10,000 in ad spend went, or what you got for it.
To learn more, check out or listen to our latest podcast.
*As always, exclusions apply, and these are outside of our control; visit this page for eligibility details.

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