Of Course GR is a Great Place to Start a Small Business

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On March 1, The GRBJ reported that Grand Rapids is the Number 2 city for “new small businesses” and we aren’t a bit surprised.
As a small business in our 11th year, we can attest that this City is an amazing place to take the leap and start a new company. Like all good things, starting a new business takes a lot of hard work, determination, and the ability to learn (quickly) from failure.
Lucky for us, and the other small businesses in our area, Grand Rapids offers a host of resources to help…there are actually so many we can’t list them all, but we do want to give a shout out to a few that have been instrumental in our growth:

The Grand Rapids Area Chamber of Commerce

We are proud Chamber members. Access to great programs and networking opportunities is really priceless, and we love that the Chamber works hard to connect with small companies. They are a great team that listens to our concerns and helps find solutions. They are moving into a new space soon to even better serve their membership, which shows how committed they are to Grand Rapids.

Small Business Association of Michigan

Ok, yes, this is technically a state-wide organization, but hear us out: we have met so many incredible business owners operating right here in West Michigan through our involvement with SBAM, in addition to great people all over the state. Being able to connect with local community members who have experienced the exact same challenges that we have is key to moving forward successfully.

Our Clients

8THIRTYFOUR works with hyper-local companies, international companies, and everything in-between, and we love them all for different reasons. There is, however, something cool about getting to work with members of our own City on their integrated communications needs. We have been able to help other people launch their own small businesses right here in Grand Rapids. People in this community are visionary, smart, and creative – and we get to be a part of their success.
So, what are you waiting for? Small businesses power the economy, and Grand Rapids is the perfect place to do it! Take advantage of all that our City has to offer, and take the leap!

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