How your online personal brand can boost your business

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Disclaimer: This blog is not about employee advocacy. While that’s still very important, we are focusing on personal online brands, and why you and your employer should equally give a shit about them.
If you examine the goals that you’ve set for your personal brand, you’ll find that the majority of these goals align with your place of employment – or, at least they should align. Examples of goals include positioning yourself as leaders in the industry, earning credibility, being personable, and becoming a resource.
But let’s face it: Individuals are more relatable than businesses or company brands, as a whole. It’s easier to have similarities with an actual human being, than with a massive corporation (Most CEO’s sound like robots when they makes public statements, anyways – not relatable).
As an employee, you are part of your company’s bottom line. This goes for all levels of employment, from intern to CEO. The contributions you make beyond your daily responsibilities can significantly impact the success of your organization and your personal brand alike.
Here’s how keeping up with your personal brand helps reach your personal goals AND those of your employer.

An Office Full of Bad Asses

Your business is only as good as the people who work for it. And on the flip side, sometimes your skill set and reputation are defined by the company you work for. When you and the rest of your team gain credibility as individuals, your company gains a positive reputation, and vice versa. Collaborate with your team on professional development, join them on summits, get your name out there and grow.

Established Network

#Team834 always turns to their personal networks for guest bloggers, mentors, interns, business development or collaborations. As an individual with a great online presence and decent sized following, you are able to put out a quick Tweet, Facebook post, or LinkedIn update and instantly get a few leads. Having these connections not only makes you the hero in finding a minute resource, but helps put your business in front of larger audiences.

More Traffic

Do you write blogs for your business? Make sure you’re sharing those blogs on both your personal page and the business page frequently. It’ll bring more traffic to your work and more traffic to the business’ website. Publish these blogs as media links in your LinkedIn page to show them off as well.
If you’re struggling to build your online presence, make sure to check out our top personal branding tips. Trust us, your career will thank you for it.

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