Unicorns Galore: The Story of a Strategic Partnership

It was love at first sight. When we met the partners at Vanguard Public Affairs, we knew they were “the one(s);” and now today, we have the distinct pleasure of announcing a strategic and rockin’ partnership for 834 Design & Marketing and frankly, Michigan. We don’t often brag, but we ask that you humor us this time as we boast a little about the combination of unique resources and talents as we become engaged with Vanguard Public Affairs to benefit current and prospective clients in their quest for better communications. Let’s just say, we are busting at the seams with unicorns.
The decades of experience that both firms bring to the table make the partnership especially attractive to new clients looking to engage quality services throughout the region regarding ANY subject matter or public served. By working with Vanguard, we expand our services to encompass premium public affairs while also giving 834 Design & Marketing a powerful presence in Lansing. The strength of this combined venture punctuates the idea that we are a one-stop shop for clients – both firms have the expertise in-house to serve communication needs in a digital and global economy, so no more piecing together a strategy with multiple agencies, just meet with a couple of people at one meeting to get all of your needs met. Together we trump [too soon?] other public relations/public affairs shops in the market with enhanced creativity, resourcefulness, experience, staff and mindfulness of budget. We’re looking forward to better serving our customers with this brainchild as we bravely launch a new approach to communications into the universe.
Join us. To find out more, visit www.vanguard834.com and meet your new communications counsel.

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