Your Biz, Your Town – April 2013

Your Biz Your Town, April Guests
Your Biz Your Town, April Guests

Really, it is already April?
As most of you know, we do a monthly radio segment called Your Biz, Your Town with WGVU’s Shelley Irwin on her award-winning morning show. By the way, if you see Shelley be sure to congratulate her on her latest achievement – being named Top Media Personality by the West Michigan Public Relations Society of America. She is kind of a big deal.
Last week, on Your Biz Your Town we welcomed 3 guests – Canning Diva, Community Automotive Repair and ENTRPRSR.
Diane Devereaux aka The Canning Diva is a Michigan native who has lived in the Greater Grand Rapids area for more than a decade.  As a teen, she enjoyed raising hogs and beef cattle in northern Michigan – all the while enjoying the splendors of being a part of her high school cheerleading squad and cross country team.
She has several great classes coming up and the full list is available at 
1) Canning 101: a beginner class that teaches the basics of water bathing, proper utensil usage, food safety and proper handling of home-canned foods!
2) Seasonal canning: from condiments and sauces to relishes and chutneys, change something ordinary into something extraordinary!
3) Large batch personal production seasonal canning: have more tomatoes than one can handle? Canners will reap the benefits of a spacious commercial kitchen all the while having fun learning a new recipe their families will surely enjoy!
Community Automotive Repair employs one of 834’s favorite people, Calvin Webb. The company is recognized as a Best of Grand Rapids by the Grand Rapids Magazine and provides high class repair & maintenance with friendly, knowledgeable service. They are running  a pretty sweet spring special. Check their Facebook page for more details, or download the springspecial2013 full of coupons!
Have you heard of ENTRPRSR? Never mind, that it isn’t really pronounceable and forget trying to spell it, it is a valuable service to business owners and students alike.
ENTRPRSR serves as a bridge, connecting businesses/entrepreneurs with needs to students that can help them. First, the business submits the project with detailed criteria, we review it and post it on the site. Students, then, apply for the project. The business selects the student(s) they wish to work with. Once the work is done, the business leaves a review for the student. Both sides win!
This is great for students looking to gain experience to list on their resume and businesses can find assistance on any small or large project. 
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