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I just recently read an article on on the differences between networking and connecting. Read the full article here. It dawned on me that I am a connector. According to my friend and colleague, Sue Tellier, she has been telling me this for years (but I neglected to listen). In fact her email response to me said this:
“Ha!  This is another case of me telling you something over and over and over, and then you telling me like it’s a new idea.  I love that.  You made me chuckle this morning.” She then went on to say, ” You are the CONSUMMATE connector.  You need to make that a business strategy, precious.  Yes, you are a good marketer.  But you are an amazing business development person because people don’t just know you — they trust you.”
Precious aside, this really got me thinking.

The term and definition for ‘Connector’  comes from the book The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell. I definitely encourage you to read this book, it will change how you look and approach situations or opportunities in your life. The article sums up a connector quite well:

We all know people like them, people who seem to know everyone. They’re always able to help — or if they can’t, they know someone who can. You meet them for the first time and in 15 minutes, you’re talking with them like you’re childhood friends. They’re successful, smart and funny, with a likable touch of self-deprecation. And they’re interested in everything.

After I read the article and was told that I am indeed a connector, by someone who I trust and respect, I knew it was time to do something about it. At this point, I am not sure what it is, but stay tuned. Some exciting stuff is going to go down.

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